What are Secondary Sanctions?

A Dispatch explainer.

President Biden’s Bizarre Attack on Charter Schools

New regulations blindsided leading charter officials. They’re also a potential political liability.

The Challenge of Containing a Nuclear Iran

Barring a great surprise, the Islamic Republic will get its nuke. How will the U.S. respond?

When Gaffes Become Policy

What’s more worrisome than denying the reality of Joe Biden’s verbal mistakes is making his verbal mistakes reality.

The U.S. Can’t Just Quit the Middle East

We have genuine geopolitical interests in the region, and so we must repair the relationships we’ve damaged.

The Biden Budget’s $2 Trillion Magic Asterisk

The administration continues to be slippery on budget issues.

What Ukraine Needs Now

Its military has an opportunity to make a counteroffensive, but it needs weapons, logistics, and other assistance.

When ‘Rigorous’ Courses Aren’t

High schoolers are taking tougher classes, getting better grades, and know less than students did a decade ago. What gives?

How the Pandemic Has Overwhelmed a Federal Injury Compensation Program

Thousands of claims have been filed. Only a handful—most of them rejected—have been resolved.

Concessions to Iran, Russia Pile Up in Nuclear Talks

The Biden administration looks willing to make a deal on Iran’s nuclear program at all costs.

How Professors—Not Administrators—Got Students Through the Pandemic

And what that tells us about the administrative bloat that has permeated academia in recent years.

A Tale of Two Cold Wars

The differences between the Cold War era and today are profound.

Surprise! Pork Barrel Politics Is Back

The omnibus spending package that Biden signed last week has billions in earmarks.

Congress Is Fighting With Itself in Regulating Big Tech

But it’s free expression that will be the big loser.

Baby Got Brief

Baby Got Brief

(Sarah) Oh my god, David. Look at her brief. It is so … short. [scoff] ...

Schools Are Exiting the Pandemic. What Now?

It’s time to redouble efforts to make school rigorous, challenging, engaging, and joyous.