Blasphemy in Minnesota

Mohammad and the Archangel Gabriel, miniature from miniature from Jami' al-Tavarikh, by Rashid Al-Din (1247-1318), 14th century. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images.)

Did you hear that the libs want to ban gas stoves?

It’s not universally true but it’s truer than you might think. And to the extent it isn’t universally true, give it time. Between the environmental hook and the fact that the two parties have already begun polarizing around the subject, progressive orthodoxy is destined to congeal around gas-stove-banning soon enough.

It’s the hottest culture war story going. But I’m not writing about it.

I try not to write about culture-war kerfuffles anymore, partly because I’m a poor polemicist but mostly because outlandish left-wing proposals increasingly fall into the “presented without comment” category in my mind. Banning gas stoves is such a cartoonish example of meddlesome green utopianism, and destined to be so wildly unpopular, that it’s practically self-refuting. It’s a campaign commercial for the Republican Party. What else could I say about it except offer a weary “These f—ing people”?

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