America Needs a Healthy Right

It’s that time again—time for a bit more internecine squabbling between those small factions of conservatives who broke with the GOP over Donald Trump. I’m not saying that the philosophical dispute between friends and colleagues is quite as intense as the fight between the (fictional) Judean People’s Front and the People’s Front of Judea, but there’s nothing like a factional fight between small factions to get the blood flowing. 

At issue, broadly speaking, is whether anti-Trump conservatives should remain within the GOP and/or fight to retain a foothold in the conservative movement as part of a project to repair the right (build back better) or engage in an effort to defeat the right (burn it down.) Politically, I’ve been clear in my position for a long time—don’t vote simply to punish the GOP but instead evaluate each politician and candidate on his or her merits. Does he or she possess the character necessary to serve? Do they broadly advance public policies that I believe are best for the nation?

Pass both prongs of the test and you get my vote. Flunk either prong, and you don’t. 

But we spend way too much time talking about our vote and too little time talking about our voice. In between those moments in the voting booth, how should we use whatever platforms we possess to preserve our republic and contribute to the security and prosperity of its people? 

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