The Promise and Peril of Trump’s Executive Order on Anti-Semitism

On a day when two shooters appear to target a kosher market in a deadly killing spree, the internet erupted in outrage because … Donald Trump said he would sign an executive order extending broader federal protections against anti-Semitism. I’ve come to praise the idea but critique the execution. Also Tuesday, a federal court in Texas issued an injunction against the diversion of federal funds to build Trump’s border wall. I’m going to explain why the judge was right, and the Trump administration’s action was unlawful and defied the plain language of the relevant statutes. In other words, there’s a little something here for everyone. Today’s French Press:

  1. Trump’s executive order on anti-Semitism is a good idea, but it’s tainted with a significant flaw.

  1. Trump’s emergency declaration on the wall did not unlock unlimited executive power.

The Trump administration takes a promising and perilous step to combat anti-Semitism on campus.

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