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We’ve Got Lots to Discuss
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We’ve Got Lots to Discuss

Join me tomorrow night, and ask me anything.

Thursday night is the night, and 7 p.m. ET is the time. We’re going to try something new. It’s not a Dispatch Live, but it’s an AMA (ask me anything). I love reader comments and questions, but I just don’t have time to type out thoughtful responses. So why not say them? Live?

Grab a beverage, think of a good question, and click this link tomorrow night at 7 p.m. You’ll need a password for this members-only event, and I’ll bet you’ll never guess what it is. It’s …


Of course it’s Dune. I may or may not appear on camera in a House Atreides uniform. But either way, I look forward to your questions, and in fact, you can get the party started by leaving some questions in the comments. Talk to you soon!

Here are the details: 

What: David French AMA

When: October 28, 7 p.m. ET


Password: Dune

P.S.: We recently sent all of our members a link where they could give away five 30-day free memberships to friends who might like our work. If you have any of those left … invite your friends now and if they accept the offer they’ll be able to participate, too.

David French is a columnist for the New York Times. He’s a former senior editor of The Dispatch. He’s the author most recently of Divided We Fall: America's Secession Threat and How to Restore Our Nation.