The Real Source of ‘Social Capital’

Dear Reader (including those of you who might have a thing or two to teach me about braiding chin whiskers),

So the economy is cratering, the White House seems precariously close to simply pretending the pandemic is over, big chunks of the populist right have decided that the new frontline of liberty is refusing to wear face masks and requiring that everyone genuflect at the altar of Michael Flynn. Meanwhile, big chunks of the left are untroubled by the antics of an FBI that managed to turn an admitted foreign agent (of the Turks, not the Russians) into a martyr. 

We can get to some of that in a minute (feel free to scroll ahead if what follows is not your bag), but I’m starting with something I want to write about: zoological false advertising. 

It all started with a poorly written tweet from our friend Scott Lincicome. Scott is many things, particularly if you include what his critics say about him (globalist neoliberal shill, deep state RINO, freedom-fetishizing cuck, etc.). He is a husband, father, lawyer, scholar, and a defender of (what he claims to be) the traditional nacho as well as the global trading system—usually in that order. Love him or hate him, one thing he’s not is a very good Twitter poll writer. This morning he tweeted:

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