The Morning Dispatch: How Sarah Palin Lost Alaska’s House Special Election

Happy Thursday! Netflix is doing its part to close generational divides by ensuring we all have the same horrifying childhood entertainment: The streaming giant has announced a reboot of Teletubbies, that uncanny classic featuring giant colorful humanoids and a sun/baby.

Quick Hits: Today’s Top Stories

  • Ukrainian forces have made advances in the country’s east near Kharkiv, threatening a Russian supply line, according to Ukrainian and Russian sources and geolocated footage. Russia’s military had in recent weeks moved troops from the east to southern Ukraine to prepare for a long-signaled Ukrainian counteroffensive toward Kherson, possibly creating an opening for these eastern gains. But Ukraine also claimed gains in the south Wednesday including retaking a village and striking Russian military supplies. U.S Secretary of State Antony Blinken made an unannounced visit to Kiev Thursday. 

  • The Pentagon has paused deliveries of F-35 fighters after learning alloys used in a magnet in the plane were produced in China. The military won’t replace the magnets in already-delivered fighters because they’re safe for flight and pose no security risks, F-35 Joint Program Offices spokesman Russell Goemaere said in a statement. But the Defense Contract Management Agency will investigate how the China-sourced alloys ended up in the planes and decide whether Lockheed Martin—which didn’t make the magnets but is responsible for the program—needs a national security waiver to resume deliveries.

  • The Bureau of Economic Analysis announced Wednesday that the U.S. trade deficit—the gap between the value of U.S. imports and exports—dropped to $70.6 billion in July, down from $80.9 billion in June. Imports fell 2.9 percent, a sign of weakening demand that could contribute to a global economic slowdown.

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