The Morning Dispatch: The Growing War on the Right

Happy Monday! The Morning Dispatch’s resident Bears fan feels nothing inside after watching another four quarters of football comparable only to a debilitated whale slowly washing up on shore with the tide. There was no sense of hope, no ragtag group of bystanders banding together to drag the humpback into the ocean. No, to the extent that there were witnesses to this tragedy they simply sighed, shrugged their shoulders, and averted their gaze.

Anyhow, the news!

Quick Hits: What You Need To Know

  • Former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testified publicly on Friday in the House’s impeachment inquiry, laying out her understanding of why she was removed from her post in Ukraine. President Trump criticized Yovanovitch as she was testifying in a tweet, in a move that Democrats billed as witness intimidation and even Trumps supporters decried as misguided. 

  • Several more key witnesses testify this week:

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