The Morning Dispatch: The Iowa Caucuses Are Just 10 Days Away

Happy Friday! With impeachment managers continuing to make the House’s impeachment case to the Senate, we thought today would be a good day to look away for a minute at the state of the 2020 election—particularly the Iowa caucuses, now less than two weeks away! But if you want a flavor of the day’s proceedings, this closing argument from Rep. Adam Schiff gives you the Democrats’ case in less than nine minutes.

Quick Hits: Today’s Top Stories

  • While the Chinese government continues to offer reassurances about the spread of the coronavirus, its actions send a very different message. Officials blocked travel to and from—and in—Wuhan, ground zero for the outbreak. Public transportation was suspended in other major cities as well, contributing to increasing anxiety among the public. 

  • The annual March for Life takes place today in Washington and across the country, with pro-life advocates congregating on the National Mall to demonstrate against the continued existence of legal abortion in America. President Trump plans to address the event in person, a presidential first.

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