The Morning Dispatch: We Watched Impeachment All Day So You Wouldn’t Have To

Happy Wednesday! We may not be coming to you live from beautiful Davos, Switzerland, but we did spend hours and hours staring at C-SPAN yesterday while our brains turned ever-so-slowly into mayonnaise. Who’s ready for a newsletter?!

Side note: Everyone who sent Declan this video of Mitch Trubisky repeatedly failing to complete a pass at the Pro Bowl last year, thank you. (Editor’s Note: Think about that. Mitch Trubisky …”at the Pro Bowl.” Too funny.)

Quick Hits: What You Need to Know

  • A man in Washington state was diagnosed with the enigmatic coronavirus, the first reported case in the United States. The virus appears to have originated in China, and at least nine people have died.

  • The United States birth rate dropped to an all-time low in 2018, according to a new CDC report. The expected number of births per woman fell to 1.73, down from a high of 3.77 in 1957. “Except for 2006 and 2007, the [total fertility rate] has been below the level needed for a generation to replace itself (2.10 births per woman) since 1971.”

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