Eschatological Weeds


David French joins the Five-Timer’s Club on this edition of The Remnant. The conversation has just about the widest scope possible, including everything from end times prophecy, to Protestantism versus Restorationism, to methods for surviving the zombie apocalypse, to the blessed Snyder cut.

Show Notes:

-David’s newsletter, The French Press

-David's podcast with Sarah Isgur

-David, supposedly “breathing on the embers” of #BelieveAllWomen

-The (very involved) eschatology of Assemblies of God

-The Left Behind novel series

-The Restoration Movement

-The timelines of pre-and-post-millennialism

-The Late, Great Planet Earth

-Albrecht Durer’s fascinating series of Revelation woodcuts, Apocalypse

-Best places to be in a zombie apocalypse for 3 extra months free

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