Jan 13, 2021 • 1HR 23M

The Whittington Standard

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What is to be made of the concerns – practical or philosophical – about a second impeachment of Donald Trump? Keith Whittington of Princeton returns to The Remnant to encourage us not to take such concerns too rigidly. Since, as we got used to hearing, impeachment is a political process and not a legal remedy, the ability to get through an impeachment quickly – say, before January 20 – is “purely a matter of political will.” In addition to digging into some founding-period legal nerdiness (the original Constitution of Virginia says what?), Jonah also asks Whittington about the standards of impeachment, what the process might look like given the specifics of what happened at the Capitol on the January 6, and also asks him to address concerns, such as the idea that an impeachment would be an infringement on Trump’s free speech rights: “There’s a difference between what a private citizen can say and what someone like the president of the United States should say.”

Show Notes:

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- Keith’s most recent book

- Jonah’s Los Angeles Times column

- “Look at him, he’s wearing a belt!”

- Listen to Advisory Opinions, home of latches

- David French: The conservative legal movement is actually looking pretty good

- Byron York interviews Michael Luttig

- The original Virginia Constitution said, “The Governor, when he is out of office, … shall be impeachable by the House of Delegates.”

- Einstein’s friend finding a dictatorship loophole

- John Turturro as Bernie Bernbaum

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