May 12, 2020 • 1HR 6M

Trash Can Nachos

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Why do international institutions have scary-sounding names? Why do we fall for dolphin propaganda, every time? What form does the true Platonic Nacho take? Return guest Scott Lincicome joins The Remnant to answer these pressing questions. This episode explains more of this international man of mystery’s backstory, revealing not only what irks him about modern China-hawkishness, but also the cherished memory that reliably brings a tear to his eye.

Show Notes:

-Scott’s Twitter poll about animal PR

-Evil dolphins

-China hawkishness

-American Mind wants to cancel Chinese debt

-The Jones Act

-How does a country become a WTO member?, use promo code REMNANT at checkout for zero delivery fees for a month for an extra 3 months free

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