Friday Brief for 27 August 2021

Heads Up

This Monday (30 August), subscribers to the Kitchen Sync with “Founder” status will join me for a private Zoom call. We’ll talk about the latest issues as well as engage in a bit of Q&A — it’s going to be great. Founders get to participate in these calls every month and you can too. Simply click the button below to subscribe and to join the conversation.

Tech Terms

SQL Injection (“sequel”· injection)Structured Query Language (SQL) is a programming language used to manage databases. SQL injection targets vulnerable sites and uses malicious code to command the server to provide information it usually would not.

Biden Meets with CEOs on Cybersecurity

What’s New: The President met with the leaders of Apple, Google, JPMorgan, Microsoft, and others this week and asked them to do more on cybersecurity threats.

Why This Matters: The meeting is part of Biden’s broader response effort in the wake of several cybersecurity threats — including the SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange, and Dominion Oil attacks.

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