Awful Qualified Immunity Cases

Three qualified immunity cases are thoroughly analyzed in a particularly depressing AO episode, but first David and Sarah talk through an injunction on asylum seekers some are calling “Trump-Lite”, plus:

-Broken immigration systems

-Say it with me folks, “Congress, do your job.”

-Too much too soon too fast

-Courts not complying with qualified immunity statutes

-Does Congress have better things to show rather than Hunter Biden revenge porn?

-Advice to prospecting law students

-Small town gossip and country songs

-Sarah’s victory lap around Hunter Biden plea deal

-Be nice to the docketing clerks

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Show Notes:

-Update: AO still has the best listeners

-Ilya Somin for Reason

-David Lat’s Original Jurisdiction Substack

-One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger

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