Baby Got Brief

David and Sarah hit a ton of topics in today’s podcast, but with an emphasis on state law, including some terribly drafted state laws. They start with the latest on that abortion law in Texas, move on to an abortion law in Missouri, and then discuss the avalanche of misleading commentary about Florida’s so-called “don’t say gay” law (including how “don’t say gay” is itself misleading). They wind up talking about teachers’ free speech rights, pronouns, and critical race theory.

Show Notes:

Baby Got Brief lyrics

New York Times: “Most Women Denied Abortions by Texas Law Got Them Another Way”

National Review: “The New York Times Misleads on Texas Abortion Trends”

New York Times: “Texas Supreme Court Shuts Down Final Challenge to Abortion Law”

CNN: “A Kansas teacher is suing school officials for requiring her to address students by their preferred names, saying the policy violates her religious freedom”

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