Murdaugh Trial and Georgia Juror…Eventually (Catching Up, Ep. 2!)

The saga continues with an episode that really should come with its own trigger warning for being just too sexy. Take a deep breath…

-Safe spaces of yore (David’s establishment clause victory)

-The Finality Question, or: Losing My Jurisdiction

-A death row case creates strange bedfellows and scrambles Sarah’s grand theory of the Roberts court

-David can’t wait to tell you about this Bank Secrecy Act case

-Is anyone still listening?

-What happens when you pick the wrong boyfriend?

-Gorsuch is annoyed

-Excited for escheatment!

-The Murdaugh trial: Proof of Stupid

-Should we feel bad for the Georgia grand jury foreperson?

Show Notes:

City of Ocala, Florida, Petitioner v. Art Rojas, et al.

-Watch: David and Sarah discuss Rojas case

-Supreme Court asks for more briefs on important election-law case

-Links to SCOTUS opinions

-Was the Alex Murdaugh Guilty Verdict Too Hasty?

-That one juror

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