Nondelegation Doctrine

On Tuesday, Speech First, Inc. filed a free speech lawsuit alleging that the University of Central Florida and its officials “created a series of rules and regulations that restrain, deter, suppress, and punish speech about the political and social issues of the day.” David and Sarah walk us through the history of campus cat and mouse battles over restrictive speech codes and explain whether this lawsuit will matter in the long run. On today’s episode, our hosts also chat about the nondelegation doctrine, the possibility of further criminal prosecution against Donald Trump, and how Rush Limbaugh’s passing might affect the conservative media climate.

Show Notes:

Speech First vs. Cartwright and Speech First, Inc. v. Gregory L. Fenves.

-Nondelegation doctrine cases: Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United StatesJ.W. Hampton Jr., & Co. v. United States and Gundy v. United States.

-“Trump’s Acquittal Exposed a Republic in Peril” by David French in Time.

-“There’s No Historical Justification for One of the Most Dangerous Ideas in American Law” by Julian David Mortenson and Nicholas Bagley in the Atlantic.

-“Opinion analysis: Court refuses to resurrect nondelegation doctrine” by Mila Sohoni in SCOTUSblog.

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