Supreme Court Hears Migrant Protection Protocols Case

David and Sarah talk about the Supreme Court as they discuss the fate of Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols, talk about yet another win for the First Amendment, and revisit Coach Kennedy’s prayers. Then they move on to analyze one of the wildest and strangest qualified immunity cases yet and the prospects of Florida’s social media censorship bill. Sarah ends with a potpourri of topics, including tales from the White House Correspondents Association dinner.

Show Notes:

Shurtleff v. Boston

Biden v. Texas

David in The Atlantic: “Let Coach Kennedy Pray”

Supreme Court bingo

SCOTUSblog: “In sequel to McGirt, justices will again review scope of state prosecutorial power in Indian country”

Washington Post: “The suspect told police ‘give me a lawyer dog.’ The court says he wasn’t asking for a lawyer.”

Eleventh Circuit oral arguments recordings

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