Reuel Marc Gerecht

Reuel Marc Gerecht, a former Iranian-targets officer in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations, is a resident scholar at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Reuel Marc Gerecht

The Threat of an Emboldened Iran

The Islamic Republic has allies and patrons in Russia and China.

Smears and Myths—The October Surprise Revisited

The New York Times revives the claim that Reagan won in 1980 by conspiring to prolong the Iran hostage crisis.

Intention, Not Capacity

The White House’s new way of seeing the Iranian bomb.

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Iran, America, and the Democratic Impulse

The collapse of the theocracy could change American attitudes about promoting democracy.

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The Israeli Moment

If anyone is going derail the Islamic Republic’s regional ambitions, Israel is really the only local counterweight that counts.

The Challenge of Containing a Nuclear Iran

Barring a great surprise, the Islamic Republic will get its nuke. How will the U.S. respond?

The Post-Post-JCPOA World

Is a nuclear Iran something Republicans must now simply accept?

Goodbye To All That

Biden may usher in a new era in which we won’t really have an Iran policy at all.

Why the Coming Iranian Elections Will Challenge the Biden Administration

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei seems inclined to promote a candidate who will quash dissent over someone who could work with the West.

The Biden Agenda: Eyes on Iran

Look for plans to return the U.S. to the JCPOA while concerns about regional aggression, terrorism, and more are shunted to the side.