The Insular Cases

On today’s show, David and Sarah bring Neil Weare, president and founder of Equally American, on the pod to teach us interesting things about the Constitution and history, with an emphasis on the unique history of American territories. And then Sarah and David dive into the controversies at Yale Law School and try to answer the question, “What the heck is going on?”

Show Notes:

French Press: “An Airing of Grievances Against Diversity Training”

Reuters: “Yale Law students ‘blackballed’ for refusing to lie about professor, lawsuit says”

Reason: “More Shenanigans at Yale Law School”

David Lat: “The Newest Insanity Out Of Yale Law School”

David Lat: “Yale Law School And the Federalist Society: Caught In A Bad Romance?”

David Lat: “Doe v. Gerken: A Lawsuit Against Yale Law”

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