Liberty University and the Reality of Institutional Sin

In the inaugural episode of the Good Faith Podcast, David French and his theological wingman Curtis Chang discuss some of the recent issues at Liberty University and how Christians should think about the concept of institutional sin. Curtis makes the theological case for how human institutions fit into the biblical narrative and that as such, they are both made in the image of God and also capable of sin and brokenness. They also discuss why it is important for Christians to place a high priority on being honest and open about institutional sin in our own ranks, amongst our own institutions.

Show Notes:

ProPublica, Hannah Dreyfus: “‘The Liberty Way’: How Liberty University Discourages and Dismisses Students’ Reports of Sexual Assaults

ProPublica, Hannah Dreyfus: “Senators Call for Federal Investigation Into Liberty University’s Handling of Sexual Assaults. School Promises Independent Probe”

Sarah Pulliam Bailey and Susan Svrluga: “Liberty University spokesman files lawsuit after his firing”

The Roys Report: “Liberty U Gives Large Gifts to Ministries of Powerful Trustees, Prompting Questions of Self-Dealing”

The Roys Report: “Former Liberty University Chairman Hints He Was Demoted For Speaking Out About Trump”

The Roys Report: “Fired Liberty U Spokesman Tells Inside Story Behind Lawsuit | The Roys Report”

Rachel Treisman: “Liberty University Sues Ex-President Jerry Falwell, Jr., Seeking Millions In Damages”

Karen Swallow Prior: “Truth, justice and the torturing of tolerance”

Colossians 1:15-16

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