High Steaks #1

In this debut episode, Sarah and Steve review (and contest) the terms of the bet, before plunging into the red-meat analysis we’re all here for. Can anything hinder Trump’s odds at the nomination? Is Biden ready for another round? How dark will this first episode get? And how many steaks are actually… at stake? (I’ll see myself out.)

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[This pilot was recorded on March 17]

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What’s High Steaks?

Sarah Isgur and Steve Hayes have a running bet: will Donald Trump be the Republican nominee for president in 2024? She says yes, he says no. The stakes? A luxurious steak dinner (and potentially the fate of the American experiment). From now until we have an answer, Sarah and Steve will hop on quick calls to check in on the bet by reading the entrails of American politics. Polls will be analyzed and disputed, news contextualized, vibes shifts explained. Become a member of The Dispatch to follow the full series – as well as ask questions and suggest wine pairings.

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