Alcohol-Free Ruminations

Today’s refreshingly (or regrettably, depending on your perspective) sober Ruminant finds Jonah surrounded by boxes of books so nerdy that even Goodwill won’t take them. Preoccupied with thoughts on the strange state of the right, and the equally strange state of Joe Biden, he swiftly reaches levels of wonkiness so high that they could cure sleep deprivation. What’s the matter with the Claremont Institute? Will the oft-discussed “Liberal Fascism Revisited” piece ever be completed? And what new euphemism for a mild hangover will soon be sweeping the nation?

Show Notes:

Jonah’s pre-coffee reproval of Ryan Williams

The Wednesday G-File

J.D. Vance’s Democrat-esque response to David French

The decline of the Lincoln Fellowship

The week’s first Remnant with Andy Smarick

The week’s second Remnant with Mike Gallagher, which must be heard to be believed

Horseshoe theory

Last Friday’s G-File

Jerry Nadler: “We are not packing the Supreme Court, we are unpacking it.”

The Decadent Society, by Ross Douthat

Biden wears a mask alone in Arlington National Cemetery

Jonah: “Biden Puts Feelings Over Facts in Afghanistan Withdrawal”

The Rectification of Names

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