Call Me Irresponsible

How does The Godfather relate to the January 6 hearings? Jonah has the answer on today’s early-morning Ruminant, which also features disquisitions on the Democrats’ economic malpractice, the asinine argument that those who didn’t vote for Trump are responsible for Biden’s failures, and the future of American democracy. Did January 6 create a constitutional crisis? Will the hearings embolden sane Republicans to speak honestly about Trump? And is it time to say buona sera to American life as we know it?

Show Notes:

The Wednesday G-File

How Jonah learned to stop worrying and love the January 6 committee

The Remnant with Chris Stirewalt

The Editors on the January 6 hearings

A criminal referral of Trump?

Andy McCarthy on how Trump should have been impeached

Noah Rothman: “The January 6 Commission’s Biggest Reveal”

Newt Gingrich: “Pelosi’s Stalinist Show Trial”

Jonah: “What I Got Wrong About Fascism”

The Remnant with Fr. Robert Sirico

The 500th Remnant-palooza

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