Ditching the Seating Chart

After filing a more-spirited-than-average G-File, Jonah joins us for the weekend Ruminant. Today, he talks about how certain individuals associated with Trump seem determined to end their careers in ignominy, as well as discussing many other phenomena, such as America’s oversaturation of elites, the necessity of reading people with whom you disagree, the inadequacy of applying the left-right spectrum to American politics, what the possible consolidation of fringe-right news stations might look like, and how genuine post-Trump conservatism “is almost, in certain way, the same as [if it was] pre-Trump.” And, of course, the most exciting news in Jonah’s world right now? How a calmer political environment means that he can write about more interesting stuff.

Show Notes:

This week’s G-File

Tucker Carlson almost closes the circle, but doesn’t make it quite there

The entire Dispatch team descends on the Cuomo Emmy news

The “Iron Law of Oligarchy”

The midweek “news”letter

A legendary piece of Goldbergian hagiography – Gargoyles: Guardians of the Gate

The quotable Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

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