Down to the Roots

On today’s Ruminant, Jonah provides a distinctly Goldbergian fusion of punditry and nerdery. After evaluating Joe Biden’s use of the phrase “MAGA Republicans” and offering a few further thoughts on the Philadelphia speech, he discusses Steve Bannon’s arrest, the ongoing fallout from the Mar-a-Lago raid, and Gov. Greg Abbott’s migrant busing policy. It all ends on a philosophical note, as Jonah reflects on the distinction between conservatism and radicalism.

Show Notes:

Last weekend’s Remnant

Last Friday’s G-File

Texas’ migrant bussing

Muriel Bowser declares a public emergency

Steve Bannon’s arrest

Andy McCarthy on Bannon’s indictment

The Dispatch Podcast on the Mar-a-Lago investigation

Greta Van Awful

The pandemic erased two years of progress in math and reading

The Remnant with Matt Continetti

Leo Ribuffo’s The Old Christian Right

Ukraine lures Russian missiles with fake HIMARs

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