Egg in the Face

Tevi Troy is back on The Remnant to explore the strange state of the American presidency. In recent years, presidents have used the power of the executive branch to profoundly alter our system of government—indeed, the presidency Joe Biden inhabits is far removed from that which Bill Clinton left behind. But could the increased importance of the presidency to American life actually be a good thing? Furthermore, why have our recent presidents failed to become figures of national unity? What went wrong with the government’s COVID response? And will the American Egg Board soon seize control of The Dispatch?

Show Notes:

Tevi’s previous Remnant appearance

Tevi’s conference on the 21st century presidency

Jonathan Rauch on how Trump changed government

The Kennedy-Hatch alliance

Kevin D. Williamson: “Against Presidential Idolatry”

Tevi: “Barking at the Press”

The unmockable Mr. Obama

Jim Geraghty: “The Omicron Wave Subsides”

The Eric Lander controversy

Jonah on Canada’s trucker protests

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