Fully Gruntled

Seeing that there’s literally one story in the news right now (AN ELECTION IS HAPPENING SOON), Jonah decided to use his time on this weekend’s Ruminant to touch on some topics adjacent to the election, but also to incorporate some more evergreen topics into the mix. For example, there’s a discussion of the eternal return of the “get money out of politics” argument – and why Jonah thinks the argument is pointless in a world where the biggest benefit a candidate can get is a hysterical cycle of earned media – an unpopular defense of the slow, ungraceful politics of Mitch McConnell, equally unpopular opinions (at least in some quarters of the right) on the Biden scandal, and most importantly, why “your meatloaf is, like, 5,000 years old.”

Show Notes:

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This week’s G-File

The Chronicles of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg

Charles Cook: Don’t expect a contested election

The Wednesday “news”letter from this week

“I’m not a witch, I’m you!”

McConnell’s 1998 opinion on campaign finance reform

How Innovation Works, by Matt Ridley

It’s a mistake for Republicans to leave cities out of their coalition

A forum of Europeans talking about how their ghettos are in the suburbs

Ten Global TrendsJonah’s column, inspired by

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