Get Happy

True happiness can feel elusive, especially in our chaotic age. Thankfully, former AEI president and current Harvard professor Arthur Brooks seems to have cracked the code for achieving it. On today’s Remnant, he joins Jonah to explore common mistakes people make in the pursuit of fulfillment, lies the world tells us about satisfaction, the “fear-based cultural polarity” consuming Western society, and what we can do to address America’s alarming loneliness problem. Be prepared to revise your bucket list.

Show Notes:

Arthur’s webpage

Arthur’s Atlantic column

Arthur’s new book, From Strength to Strength

Family formation in post-COVID America

Yuval Levin: “The Changing Face of Social Breakdown”

Jonah: “I Think We’re Turning Japanese … I Really Think So”

Arthur: “The Kind of Love That Makes People Happiest”

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