Good Samaritans

David French takes control of The Remnant once again while Jonah is off to the long prairies of Texas. His guest is Curtis Chang, a theologian at Duke Divinity School and former Evangelical pastor. Together, David and Curtis explore the nature of vaccine skepticism among Evangelicals and the compatibility of Christianity and classical liberalism. They also preview a new podcast focused on the challenges facing American Christianity, Good Faith, which will premiere on The Dispatch later this month. Despite Jonah’s absence, make sure you tune in with bingo cards at the ready!

Show Notes:

Christians and the Vaccine

Curtis: “Our Fellow Evangelicals Need to Get Vaccinated”

David on Evangelical vaccine rejection

Curtis and David’s previous vaccine discussion

David Leonhardt on COVID’s partisan death toll

Classical liberalism and Christianity

David’s recent book, Divided We Fall

The conflict between Evangelical elites

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