I, Nacho

Having ascended from the proletariat to the ruling class in the hierarchy of the Cato Institute, Scott Lincicome returns to the Remnant not simply to flaunt his success, but to issue an urgent defense of an embattled concept: globalization. In these troubled times, many of the left and right alike have become hostile to the relatively free movement of people, goods, and ideas across national borders. But Scott maintains that globalization is an unequivocal force for good, and that the most common criticisms of it are rooted in myths. With that in mind, Cato has launched “Defending Globalization,” a new multimedia initiative dedicated to—shockingly enough—combating anti-globalization narratives. Can Scott make a compelling case for the project in the Remnant arena, or will he melt like nacho cheese under Jonah’s intense scrutiny?

Show Notes:

Scott’s page at The Dispatch

Scott’s work at the Cato Institute

“Defending Globalization,” Cato’s new initiative

Cato’s Green Card Game

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