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This weekend’s edition of the Ruminant is a little bit like Christopher Hitchens’ D.C. apartment: a little bit of one thing right next to a little bit of the complete opposite thing. There’s a lot of ground covered in this, a practically record-breaking long episode of the podcast in which Jonah discusses his dad’s work for the wonderfully-acronymed NANA (North American Newspaper Alliance), dynamic scoring (a system in which this episode gets an A+), the necessity of telling the truth at a time in which even committed conservatives have a legitimate temptation to abandon their principles, the request from a listener for Goldberg Story Time, and much, much more.

Show Notes:

–      Tim Russert interviews Bob Kerrey

–      John Edwards’ bizarre stem cell comments

–      CDC director “speaking in her personal capacity”

–      TX Gov. Abbott lifts mask mandate

–      Thomas Kuhn: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

–      “Rationalia”

–      Jay Nordlinger’s Q&A

–      Memogate/Rathergate

–      “Slackjawed troglodytes”

–      Voir dire, or, as Advisory Opinions likes to say, “Vwahr Dahr”

–      “I don’t like the… stumps”

–     Mit-Voche Epistle

–     The Remnant with Steve Hayward and Charles Murray

–      Kathryn Jean Lopez’ page at National Review

–      Matt Lewis speaks to Bill Kristol

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