Jumping Ship

Refreshed from his Adirondack vacation, Jonah begins today’s Ruminant with an update on the January 6 hearings and a rant on the strange phenomenon of “capture the flag” media coverage. He also explores the merits of the MAGA republicans testifying in Congress, the silliness of the idea that there’s a “right side of history,” and the general awfulness of Steve Bannon. Stick around until the end to hear why you should subscribe to The Dispatch if you haven’t already.

Show Notes:

The Remnant with David Bernstein

The Remnant with Brent Orrell

Adam Davidson’s podcast advice

Jan 6 and Secret Service agents

Pence refused to get in car

Cassidy Hutchinson stands by her testimony

The Holy War over Hunter Biden’s laptop

The Rolling Stone UVA story

Jonah on Honestly with Bari Weiss

Steve Bannon’s trial

Steve Bannon’s leaked audio

“The right side of history”

What a second Trump administration would mean

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