Leader of the Pack

Brush up on your legalese, because Keith Whittington is back on the Remnant to poke plenty of fun at Advisory Opinions. Over the course of an exceptionally nerdy hour, he and Jonah explore the pros and cons of court packing and judicial term limits, occasionally stopping to discuss what would happen if the world were taken over by giant, hyper-intelligent ants. Are Supreme Court justices all partisan hacks? Why did Joe Biden establish the Supreme Court reform commission? And is there any real difference between lawyers and vampires?

Show Notes:

Keith’s scholar page on Princeton’s website

Keith’s previous Remnant appearance

The Supreme Court commission’s final report

Inside the Supreme Court commission

The Constitution in exile?

Keith: “Court Packing is Discreditable as Ever”

The genius of Mark Meadows

The Soldier and the State, by Samuel P. Huntington

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