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After kicking off today’s Ruminant with a few reflections on his pesky first name, Jonah soon embarks on a thorough analysis of Joe Biden’s rise to the presidency and the intellectual insecurities that often come packaged with the Oval Office. An eclectic potpourri follows as Jonah explores the distinction between assassination and murder, his relationship with a top British cabinet official, and the hypocrisy of European nations regarding the abortion debate. It all ends with a more lighthearted assessment of the differences between Hollywood movies and real life.

Show Notes:

The Remnant with Noah Phillips

The Remnant with Noah Rothman

David Bernstein’s work for Reason

Dana Milbank: “Give Biden a Break”

Mitt Romney: “America is in Denial”

Vice presidents who became presidents themselves

The Shinzo Abe assassination

Boris Johnson’s resignation

Assasination versus murder

Michael Gove

The EU condemns Dobbs

The Remnant with Megan McArdle

Jonah’s twitter thread on political movies

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