Merry Christmas, Ms. Gavora

On today’s Remnant, Jonah’s esteemed wife and bear skeptic, Jessica Gavora (aka the Fair Jessica), makes her highly anticipated return. The two JGs explore some more nerdish topics than last time, including what it takes to be a successful ghostwriter, how the right changed during the Trump years, and what it’s like writing speeches for prominent politicians. They also touch on a few personal subjects, including memories of Jonah’s mom, the recent trip to Istanbul, and Jessica’s current book project (she needs your help!). Plus, stick around until the end to hear Jessica make her best case against human-bear interaction.

Show Notes:

The Fair Jessica’s first Remnant appearance

Betsy DeVos’ Hostages No More

Hugh Hewitt: “The ‘Agnew Option’ could be a way out for Trump — and America”

The Fair Jessica’s Tilting the Playing Field: Schools, Sports, Sex and Title IX

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