Mitch Daniels for God-King

Live from the Windy City, Jonah returns to the Remnant driver’s seat. He’s joined by Washington Post columnist Megan McArdle, who has plenty of thoughts on America’s strange plague of mobocratic thinking and workplace safetyism. The pair also explore Jonah’s distaste for public sector unions, Megan’s opposition to student loan forgiveness, and the circumstances in which populism can be put to good use. Plus, for all you bingo cardholders, there’s plenty of dingo discussion and kvetching about primaries mixed in.

Show Notes:

Megan’s page at the Washington Post

Megan: “It’s time for major institutions to make their employees get off of Twitter”

Grace Metalious’ Peyton Place

Sleeping with the fishes

The New Yorker “flyover country” cover

Jonah and Elaine Kamarck talk primaries

Megan on student loans

The Remnant with David French and Jonathan Rauch

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