Natural Born Grifters

Jonah begins today’s Ruminant by staring blankly into the ether, but he’s quickly jolted back to reality by the latest in political asininity. Recently, America has faced an upsurge in antisemitism across the political spectrum, and Jonah has plenty of thoughts about why this is happening and how we can stop it. In predictably slapdash fashion, he also explores the astonishingly dumb trend of young Americans sympathizing with Osama bin Laden, and what 2024’s political coalitions will look like. Also, tune in for an important dingo update.

Show Notes:

Jonah: “Democrats Are Right to Worry About Biden in 2024”

Matt Lewis: “Ben Shapiro Astonished by Candace Owens Being Her Usual Self”

Isaac Schorr: “The Shameful Nods to Antisemitism From Candance Owens and Tucker Carlson”

Ian Haworth: “Tucker Carlson Sells ‘Just Asking Questions’ Antisemitism”

Charlie Cooke: “Wokesters for Osama bin Laden?”

The Economist’s Intelligence podcast on another Trump victory

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