New Dogs, Old Tricks

Live from an undisclosed location in heat-struck Maine, Jonah gets ranty on today’s vigorous yet thoughtful Ruminant. In light of his surroundings, he begins with a few reflections on Ted Kennedy’s incident at Chappaquiddick before launching into a passionate tirade against the foolishness of the new right. In distinctly nerdy fashion, Jonah leaves no room for interpretation: There is no place on the right for racist politics, and white supremacist and anti-semitic ideas must necessarily be treated with moral outrage.

Show Notes:

The Cover-Up podcast on Chappaquiddick

The Ted Kennedy incident

Leo Damore’s Senatorial Privilege

The July jobs report

Jonah’s column on the Inflation Reduction Act

The Dispatch: The New Right Finds a Home at the Intersection of Populism and Elitism

The Economist on the new right

Kevin WIlliamson on Trump the manly man

Last Friday’s G-File on the descent of men

Rockefeller’s diet

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