Nichols on the Dime

The Remnant’s streak of obvious guests who have inexplicably never appeared on the program continues today, as professor turned Atlantic staff writer Tom Nichols joins the show to provide some uncut, fiercely nerdy analysis of our current political malaise. Much of his conversation with Jonah concerns the ongoing conflict in Ukraine—namely, how America has handled it, and what’s really motivating Putin. But after that, the stage is set for an epic debate between the duo on what it means to be “Never Trump” in 2023, and where principled conservatives should go from here. Also, fans of Succession may recognize Tom from his appearances on the show; tune in to learn some behind the scenes secrets.

Show Notes:

Tom’s page at The Atlantic

Tom’s latest book, Our Own Worst Enemy

Orlando Figes’ The Story of Russia

Tom: “The Ukrainian Counteroffensive Is Not an Action Movie”

Tom: “I Was a Pundit on Succession

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