Propeller-Beanie Punditry

This week’s Ruminant sees Jonah reach his final form, as he begins with post-election punditry before seamlessly transitioning into a brand of deep-cut, Grade A political-nerd eggheadery the likes of which are rarely seen even on this vaunted podcast. Listen as Jonah effortlessly bounces in a positively pinball-esque manner between Whittaker Chambers, Orwell, AOC, Joe Manchin, James Burham, Cicero, and obscure Italian Communist Party intellectuals, in a display that will both amaze and delight.

Show Notes:

This week’s Wednesday “news”letter

The genuine Friday G-File for this week

“Second Thoughts on James Burnham”

The Beaconsfield Position

This week’s Remnant with Kevin Williamson

Jonah’s column on Joe Manchin

“That bit from Cicero”

Jim Geraghty: “Trump was not stabbed in the back”

The Bureaucratisation of the World by Bruno Rizzi

Charles Murray’s By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission

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