Rat Races

Today’s Ruminant raises a predictably peculiar question within its opening moments: How can rodentology help us understand the first Republican debate? Jonah’s answer may surprise you, but what’s more surprising is that it connects quite naturally to another of the week’s hot topics: the debate over what America’s role should be in the war in Ukraine. With plenty of vim and slightly less vigor, he dedicates most of this episode to exploring what form American foreign policy should take, and why we must remember that Putin is the villain in this conflict.

Show Notes:

The Remnant with Michael H. Parsons (rat guy)

The Dispatch Podcast on the debate that didn’t matter

A post-debate Dispatch Live 

Jonah breaks down the debate with Chuck Todd

Tevi Troy: “Moderators Have Ruined Presidential Debates. Let’s Get Rid of Them.”

The Remnant with Luke Coffey

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