Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey

In order to give you all a break from the talk about the end of the world, this episode has Jonah speaking with psychologist Dr. Michele Gelfand about one of his pet-obsessions: “tight” and “loose” theories of culture. Why do places like Japan and Singapore seem to be in lockstep while the U.S. is so freewheeling? How should we tighten up, culturally, as a response to COVID? And why are Mexican teachers unions so weird? We ask the hard questions here on The Remnant, so don’t miss it.

Show Notes:

Michele’s book, Rule Makers, Rule Breakers

The complexity of fractals, for those who actually understand math

Michele’s Tight-Loose Quiz

Mexican teaching jobs are given to… teachers’ kids?

The gum-free land of Singapore

D.E. Brown’s list of universal traits across all human cultures

Jonathan Haidt’s article, which then spawned a book, which then spawned a Remnant episode

Robert Wright, The Moral Animal

John Tooby’s “coalition instinct”

Jonah’s Wednesday “news”letter

Michele’s piece on COVID in the Boston Globe

Michele’s “Honor Dictionary”

The fascinating concept of “pluralistic ignorance”


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