Runza Of Unusual Size

What does Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse think about the results of the 2020 election? The answer might come as a surprise: Even though the Democrats took the White House, on balance, Ben thinks the election proves that “We are a center-right nation, and even if people don’t have a philosophical embrace of limited government, [that idea] has a broad, functional embrace.” During this talk—originally part of The Dispatch’s post-election program What’s Next: Election 2020 and Beyond – Jonah asks Ben about how responsible Americans might stop our national politics from being run by political addicts, as well as asking him what he thinks about the assertion that he went through a “quiet period” in his Trump criticism, and addressing his controversial connections to Big Runza (Nebraska’s finest delicacy™).

Show Notes:

“Straight-shooter” Ben Sasse wins re-election

The Hidden Tribes of America

Many Republicans are sure that the election was stolen

Kate McKinnon’s bizarrely accurate Rudy Giuliani

Jonah’s column on Trump loyalism

There’s a horse in the hospital

I Love Lucy’s ratings domination

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