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On today’s Ruminant, a predictably sleep-deprived Jonah is haunted by distant memories of his time in Prague and the alluring restaurants that refused his custom. Thankfully, he’s able to process the pain by embarking on a lengthy rant about democracy, capitalism, and the charming brilliance of Irving Kristol. There’s also a disquisition on the philosophy of hit TV shows and the legacy of The Wire, which will delight Breaking Bad partisans. Tune in to find out if Jonah has adjusted to life as an empty nester, but stick around to see if he can get through the whole episode without mentioning third parties.

Show Notes:

The Remnant with Michael Brendan Dougherty

The Wednesday G-File

Jonah and Steve Hayes on The Dispatch’s two-year anniversary

“Opposing views”

Jonah’s love of Breaking Bad

Conservatism and The Wire

Biden’s living on a prayer

Scott Lincicome on America’s ports problem

The Morning Dispatch

The birth of The Remnant

Broken windows

James Q. Wilson: “Capitalism and Morality”

The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism

The Remnant with Graeme Wood

Irving Kristol: “When Virtue Loses All Her Loveliness”

The Remnant with George Will

The Remnant with Megan McCardle

The Remnant with Charles Murray

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