Stand By Your Non-Man

Despite the desperate pleas of his wife, his RA, and his psychiatrist, Jonah insists on continuing to record the Ruminant, and his sanity may be steadily slipping away with each mumbled syllable. Today, he largely resists the temptation to discuss the Trump indictment, instead digging into Johns Hopkins’ baffling new classification of lesbians, California’s push to punish “non-affirming parents”, and the sheer lack of decorum we all must now endure. Things conclude on familiar ground with an ol’-fashioned, extra-curmudgeonly rant about the new right’s bizarre nostalgia for the Dark Ages.

Show Notes:

The McCarthy Report on Trump’s indictment

Advisory Opinions, also on Trump’s indictment

The “non-men” of Johns Hopkins

Michael Knowles and the 1220s

Politico’s Patrick Deneen profile

Alcohol is woke

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