The Spirit of Radio

Paul Matzko – a historian who has charted the legacy of talk radio and the conservative movement – joins The Remnant pantheon. While conservatives may be familiar with the lasting legacy of figures like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Medved, Paul shows that they follow a path established by religious conservatives stretching back to the 60s. Learn about the Kennedy administration’s checkered history with AM radio, and about the differing impacts of the radio populists versus the print-magazine intellectuals, such as Buckley at National Review.

Show Notes:

Paul’s book, The Radio Right – out now via ebook, out in hardcover… whenever the pandemic stops

Paul’s futurism podcast, Building Tomorrow

Paul’s podcast with an old socialist friend, Impolitic

George Nash’s history of the conservative intellectual movement

Jonah’s longstanding beef with Father Coughlin

Victor Lasky’s book, It Didn’t Start with Watergate

Paul and John Samples’ research on ineffective social media regulation

The history of “Revolutionary Defeatism”

Paul on the Polish ham boycott

Pacifica Radio’s left-wing radicalism

Robert Darnton’s Censors at Work

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