The Trouble With Tehran

In keeping with the Remnant’s long tradition of providing edifying counter-programming, Jonah’s joined today by Ken Pollack—AEI senior fellow and expert on the Middle East—to discuss the latest on Iran and American policy toward the region. “Since the 1979 revolution,” Dr. Pollack writes in his latest piece for Foreign Policy, “Iran’s leadership has single-mindedly attempted to dominate the Middle East and drive the United States and Israel out.” But now, Tehran is shifting its approach, and Iranian grand strategy is placing a new emphasis on diplomacy. What does that mean for the United States? How will it affect other relationships between nations? And does Jonah’s general grouchiness stem from his political realism?

Show Notes:

Dr. Pollack’s page at AEI

Dr. Pollack: “Iran’s Grand Strategy Has Fundamentally Shifted”

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