The Year in Preview

It’s finally 2024, but instead of looking ahead with optimism, Jonah would rather use The Remnant to kvetch about the many lows of last year. Today, he’s joined by Matthew Continetti—still adjusting to his new role as the American Enterprise Institute’s leading corporate suit—to decide whether 2023 should be considered the worst year in modern political history. But given the unfolding presidential race, is 2024 shaping up to be any better? Is a Trump renomination guaranteed? And will Biden even make it to the finish line?

Show Notes:

Matt’s AEI webpage

Jonah: “Nikki Haley’s Slavery Gaffe Is a Rare Misstep From a Good Politician”

Robert Kagan on a Trump dictatorship

Matthew Schmitz: “The Secret of Trump’s Appeal Isn’t Authoritarianism”

Video version

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